Health Benefits of ACV



I’m sure you’ve used apple cider vinegar before in marinades, homemade dressings, etc. but did you know apple cider vinegar actually has some amazing health benefits when consumed daily?!

Health Benefits:
  • aids in lower blood sugar levels (improves insulin sensitivity and lowers insulin responses-great for diabetics)
  • may aid in weight loss (increases satiety)
  • helps improve heart health (may lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and blood pressure)
  • improves digestion and BM
How to use:

Take 1-1 oz. shot chased by 8 oz of water! You can also mix in the shot with your water, but I found that it takes me longer to drink if I just sip on it. I’ll be honest – this stuff is ROUGH! It tastes awful! But the benefits are amazing so it’s worth the 30 seconds of disgust 🙂

Do you take apple cider vinegar every day? How do you drink it?! Let me know below 🙂

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