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About Me

Hi everyone, I’m April!
Thanks for visiting my page!

I’m a wife, a dog mom, an Elk Grove based Fitness and Nutrition Professional, a Certified Personal Trainer at Self Made Training Facility Elk Grove and the Owner of Healthy Hunnie Fitness. I received my  Personal Trainer certification from the national academy of sports medicine (nasm), and possess a B.A. Degree in Nutrition and food from California State university, sacramento.

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I wasn’t always into fitness and nutrition. Sure, I was active in middle school and high school; I played on the varsity volleyball team all 4 years of high school. But thinking about the foods I ate and the importance of being physically active wasn’t a thought that ever crossed my mind at that time. After graduating high school, I attended college at CSUS, with the intention to become a marine biologist. It wasn’t until I took my first nutrition class, that I absolutely fell in love with the science behind the foods we eat, why we make the choices we make and the idea that so many cancers, diseases and health issues we see today, can most likely be alleviated through proper dietary intake – that was fascinating to me. But my actual decision and motivation to change majors and get my degree in Nutrition stemmed from something much deeper.


I come from a not-so-healthy, not-so-fit family on both sides. I got to see first hand growing up, what it was like to not only be overweight, but to have to take several medications for the high blood pressure and diabetes my relatives had. I got to see how being unhealthy directly affected just about every single aspect of their life because of the years of poor food choices they had made. I knew I didn’t want that for myself. I didn’t want to see myself get stuck in the family trend of “this is just how it is, this is how we eat”. It’s not always easy – for me, it truly takes a conscious effort, and a deep level of self-discipline to make the right food choices, continue to be active and make the right decisions NOW that will directly impact my health and my body in the future.


My fitness journey started in 2015, about a year after I graduated college. I was completely under-fueling my body (despite my knowledge about eating healthy and having a balanced diet), doing WAY too much cardio AND doing some strength training on top of that. What’s even worse, is I found myself being so miserable, so lethargic, and STILL not happy with my body, despite doing what I thought “should be working”. It wasn’t until I was introduced to IIFYM/flexible dieting and proper weight training that I finally realized I was doing everything wrong. It’s not about eating less and exercising more. It’s about fueling your body properly, with the right foods it needs, and building strong, lean muscle through lifting and weight training. It sounds crazy to say, but I found myself through fitness. I found the strength I never ever had. I found the self esteem and confidence I was desperately struggling to feel. I found the way to love myself and love my body throughout this entire journey. This lifestyle has literally changed my life.

View More: http://randeweddings.pass.us/healthiehunnie
View More: http://randeweddings.pass.us/healthiehunnie

I have a HUGE passion for fitness, nutrition and helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. I absolutely love to cook and recreate recipes into healthier and macro-friendly meals.  It’s so awesome to be able share my recipes and ideas with others, because if there is one thing everybody has in common, it’s a love for food! 😉

View More: http://randeweddings.pass.us/healthiehunnie
View More: http://randeweddings.pass.us/healthiehunnie

Speaking of love…Allow me to introduce my other half

My husband and I met in 2008 in our high school ceramics class. I had NO idea who he was (until he messaged me through MySpace – yeah, who remembers MySpace?!)…long story short, at the young age of 16 & 17, he won my heart forever. We got engaged in January 2015 and got married May 6th, 2016. He is seriously my best friend!! XX